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How to Draw a Dove with an Olive Branch

Learn how to draw a Dove with an easy step by step tutorial. Since the beginning of time, they have been a symbol of peace.

How to Draw a Dove
Dove drawing, finished with marker and crayons.
How to Draw a Dove
Time lapse of Dove drawing tutorial

Doves are the most common types of bird in the world, and were been domesticated long ago. Famous historical figures such as Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, and others used them to deliver messages.

A dove with an olive branch in its core represents the symbol of peace. The dove of peace encompasses all the countries of the world and is a sign that was adopted once the Second World War ended.

In 1949, the painter Pablo Picasso participated in the World Congress for Peace and designed the poster of the congress with the lithograph of a dove resting on the ground and then drew another with the dove flying with the olive branch in its beak. Then the dove of peace became popular and spread everywhere.

This tutorial breaks down how to draw a dove in a few easy and simple steps. The wings are extended above the body and the shapes are simplified so that children of all ages can draw a dove that fills the page.

The world can always use a few more drawings and wishes for peace from children all around the world.

Preview of Dove drawing tutorial



Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Dove

  1. Draw the front of the bird body.

  2. Add the back of the bird.

  3. Draw the tail feathers, beak and eye.

  4. Start the wing, with a light curved edge.

  5. Draw evenly spaced feather lines.

  6. Add the rounded feather ends.

  7. Draw part of the other wing.

  8. Add leaves and clouds.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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