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How to Draw a Lion Face

Learn how to draw a Lion Face with an extra intense look in his eyes. The simple symmetrical shapes make it easy to do.

Lion Face Drawing

Sometimes, when drawing animals, it’s nice to focus on just one part of them. Especially when you want your drawing to really capture someone’s attention.

This tutorial focuses on the lion face and shares an easy way to draw some intense looking eyes. Keeping the brow lines straight and the pupils tucked up under will always give them a serious look, whether you are drawing an animal or even a human. Anytime the tops of the pupils are flattened under straight brows, the eyes will tend to have an angry look.

Preview of step by step Lion Face drawing tutorial



Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw a Lion Face

  1. Draw a triangle nose.

  2. Add the two angled lines above

  3. Draw two eyes tucked underneath.

  4. Add the pupils inside.

  5. Add the mouth lines and the chin.

  6. Draw the cheeks on each side.

  7. Angle the lines in for the forehead.

  8. Finish the top head and add two ears.

  9. Trace with a pastel or crayon and color.

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