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How to Draw a Bunny Face Easy

When you need to learn how to draw a bunny face easy enough for beginner artists, start with this tutorial. The basic shapes allow for all kinds of coloring variations.

Easy Bunny Face drawing, finished with a marker and crayons
Time lapse of Easy Bunny Face Drawing tutorial

Spring and bunnies just go together, regardless of the holidays you may celebrate this time of year. So adding a large (and might I add pretty cute!) bunny drawing to your collection of spring art projects is a no-brainer.

This tutorial in particular is one of those that is perfect for younger elementary students, even kinders. Even if they are just learning how to follow step by step instructions, this might be a good one to try out. The recognizable shapes and lines (circles, half circles, curves, zig zags) are all familiar and easy to recognize. The fact that they are all placed symmetrically on the paper is a plus too.

There are lots of coloring options for this bunny, once the drawing is finished. Students could go natural with a combination of brown, grays and white, or completely abstract like a made up Easter bunny too. The sample shown above was actually layered with crayons, gray and gold first, brown on top. Not all crayons will do that, but it’s always nice to know some do, in case that’s all that is available.

Preview of the step by step Easy Bunny Face tutorial
Another Bunny Face Drawing option, with markers and card stock paper



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Bunny Face Easy

  1. Draw a circle.

  2. Add the two cheeks.

  3. Draw the top of the head.

  4. Add two ears.

  5. Draw the shoulders and chest line.

  6. Add the brow lines, mouth and nose.

  7. Draw two eyes with highlight spots.

  8. Add a zig zag grass line in the background.

  9. Trace with a marker and color. (This is brown over yellow and gray crayon.)

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