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Draw the Easter Bunny

When you learn how to draw the Easter Bunny, I believe you have full permission to then color or paint him however you want.

In most places, Easter means spring, which means lots of bright and flowery colors. This tutorial shows you how to apply that same line of thinking to the infamous Easter bunny. He is made from some very simple shapes, and has the necessary basket already in hand.

Save the brown and gray and white for your realistic bunny drawings. Who needs to follow that for such a festive holiday?


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw the Easter Bunny

  1. Fold to make guidelines. Draw the head.

  2. Add curved sides as shown.

  3. Draw the back legs and toes.

  4. Add paws and a belly line.

  5. Draw a basket and some ears.

  6. Draw the inside ears and start the face.

  7. Finish the eyes, nose, whiskers and grass.

  8. Draw some tall flowers.

  9. Trace with marker, color with crayon and paint.

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