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How to Draw a Bunny

Learn how to draw a Bunny with some extra cute anime-looking eyes. The shapes are pretty easy for even beginner artists.

How to Draw a Bunny
Bunny Drawing

Here’s another project for students that are fascinated with drawing over-sized eyes, complete with little highlight spots (also known as “shiny” spots.) I totally understand the connection, as those eyes do kind of instantly add more personality to anything that one is drawing.

This bunny drawing is made from some large simple shapes, and is mostly symmetrical. His is just turned every so slightly so that we can see a bit of his cute fluffy tail.

Save this tutorial to help students draw pet, illustrate a story, or make and Easter bunny card. All kinds of possibilities!

How to Draw a Bunny
Preview of the step by step Bunny tutorial



  1. Start with the bunny head shape.

  2. Add the mouth and nose lines.

  3. Draw two large eyes and whiskers.

  4. Add the symmetrical ears.

  5. Draw the fur on the chest.

  6. Add the arms underneath.

  7. Finish the back body legs.

  8. Draw the toes, tail and landscape.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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