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Draw a Cute Bunny Face

If you want to draw a cute bunny face, watch where you place the eyes. A large head, with eyes that are far apart will do the trick.

Draw a Cute Bunny Face
A Cute Bunny Face Drawing, finished with crayons

This very simple tutorial is great for those that are just learning how to draw. The large head is an easy U shape, with a flat top, and the tall ears, wide eyes and little nose all make for a very recognizable bunny face. And all those extra simple shapes create fun options on how to fill him or her in.

Students could color their bunny with “real” looking brown fur, or some fun made-up colors, or better yet — clothes! What better way to add some instant personality than that?

Draw a Cute Bunny Face
Preview of the Cute Bunny Face step by step tutorial
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Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Cute Bunny Face

  1. Make guidelines. Start the top of the head.

  2. Draw the bottom of the head.

  3. Draw two ears.

  4. Add inside ears and shoulders.

  5. Add two wide set eyes.

  6. Draw a bunny nose.

  7. Add nose line and whiskers.

  8. Add stripes to the shirt.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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