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There’s nothing like making art that matches what is going on outside, so here’s a collection with all kinds of spring projects, be it a rainy or sunny day.

Projects included: Atomic Dandelions, Bird in a Cage, Bumble Bee Painting, Chagall Upside Down, Hen Collage, Hundertwasser Flowers, Line Art Bunny, Little Houses, Magritte Eye, Mushroom Painting, Pattern Flowers, Prickly Cactus, Running Rabbit, Shaded Flowers, Splashing Boots, Spring City, Sunflower Up Close, Umbrella Patterns, Watering Can Flowers, Windy Kites


  • 20 drawing projects with finished sample, line drawing sample and step-by-step tutorials
  • Binder and spine art, so you can create your own binder as shown above
  • Total pages: 87

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