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Easy How to Draw Pop Art Figures Tutorial and Coloring Page

Now your studies about Pop Art can include a Keith Haring drawing project. This step by step tutorial will show students of all ages just how it’s done.

Keith Haring Drawing

Growing up, Keith Haring wasn’t interested in the kind of formal art he saw in museums, he thought it was too boring. He was more interested in cartoons, like the kind that Disney created. He spent hours drawing them with dad, who also drew as a hobby.

Keith ended up becoming a well known pop artist of the 1980’s. He was famous for a style of bold figures with bright colors, and radiating lines coming from them. This tutorial will show students how to imitate one of his famous paintings of two figures sharing a hug.

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Keith Haring Coloring Page

Materials to Draw like Keith Haring

Step by Step Directions to Draw like Keith Haring

Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw like Keith Haring

  1. Draw a head and attached arm.

  2. Continue the body below.

  3. Draw the other head and attached arm.

  4. Add the body below.

  5. Draw the remaining arms around each other.

  6. Add a ground line and radiating lines from figures.

  7. Trace the line with a thick marker.

  8. Trace again to thicken the lines. Add spots on the ground.

  9. Fill with bright colors.

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