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Fun Halloween Art with Bats

If you are looking for fun halloween art lesson plans, simple blacks on a painted coffee filter never cease to amaze me. The way the filters soak up the watercolor will just make your eyes pop!

halloween art lesson plans


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PREP: Use steam iron to press the coffee filters flat. You can do a large quantity at a time by flipping and pressing and flipping and pressing, until everything is completely smooth and flat. Let cool before students work with them. Jumbo filters will make the most impact, but the standard size found at the grocery store will work too, just on a smaller scale.
1. Students either draw their own bats with the black marker, or trace them from the template. I find that kinders and 1st graders have trouble drawing the bottom bat wing, so I provided a template. Fortunately, the filters are pretty transparent so students can trace the outline to get started. Older students could draw their own in varying sizes. Note: Cover your tables before you color with marker as the ink does go through the paper.
2. The filter is placed on the mesh plastic to paint. The filter background is painted as desired with a warm color palette (red, oranges and yellow). This not only reminds students what warm colors are, any overlapping is guaranteed to look nice.
3. The filter is allowed to dry on the mesh.
4. The filters are lightly steam ironed again. You can do many at a time so it doesn’t take long, and it really does make the filter look like rice paper when you are done.

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