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Easy Monkey Drawing

One way to make an easy monkey drawing is to just concentrate on the face. Follow these step by step instructions and see how easy it is.

easy monkey drawing

Drawing a monkey up close and personal like this will give you plenty of room to draw his or her eyes, ears and mouth.

When it comes time for coloring, try just making two shades of brown with one crayon. Press harder for the main color, and then lightly to get the face and belly color. That will guarantee that the two colors blend well together.

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  • easy monkey drawingBlack Sharpie marker, fine tip
  • Crayons*

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Prep: Print tutorial for each student.

    1. Draw guide lines on paper or fold to make creases.
    2. Students follow the tutorial to draw the Spinosaurus in pencil.
    3. The Spinosaurus is traced with a black marker.
    4. The Spinosaurus is colored carefully with crayons.