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Draw a Hippopotamus

Learn how to draw a hippopotamus and focus on just the face. This step by step tutorial keeps it fun and easy.

how to draw a hippopotamus
Drawing of a Hippopotamus Face

Did you know that hippos are considered the second largest land animal on Earth, after the elephant? They can weigh up to 7000 lbs., which is the equivalent of three small cars. And somehow they get to be this large by just eating plants. That’s pretty amazing!

These magnificent mammals were once found throughout many parts of Africa. Sadly, populations have declined due to habitat loss and hunting. Today, they are largely confined to protected areas in East African countries.

Now students can gain some appreciation of this amazing creature by drawing one. This hippo tutorial that just focuses on the head might be perfect if your students are young, and they just need some simple shapes to follow. The large boxy head fills the paper and has eyes that look right back at you, so it makes for a fun and easy project for artists of all ages.

how to draw a hippopotamus
Preview of the Hippopotamus Face step by step tutorial



Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Hippopotamus Face

  1. Make guidelines. Draw two nostrils.

  2. Draw a curve over the top of the nostrils.

  3. Finish the mouth shape underneath.

  4. Add a chin.

  5. Draw the top of the head.

  6. Add two eyes and brows.

  7. Draw two ears.

  8. Fill in the eyes and add shoulders.

  9. Trace with a marker and color with crayons.

how to draw a hippopotamus

Draw an Easy Hippo

If you’d like to draw an entire hippopotamus body, then this easy tutorial might be more to your liking.

easy hippo drawing
easy hippo drawing


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