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Easy Origami Projects for Kids: Matchbox Art

Miniature art made with origami style matchboxes. Color and design your box, fold and fill with a fun miniature scene.

Snowman Matchbox

Pipe Cleaner Man

Once upon a time, I discovered “Matchbox Art” and decided to have an after school class with the theme.

As little premade boxes just didn’t seem to be around, I figured out how to make my own, origami style.

It actually worked out pretty well as students could color on it while it was flat, and then I got REALLY good at folding it quickly for them. (It was card stock paper, so it took some careful tiny folding and creasing.)

After exploring many, many ways to fill these little boxes, this one was one of my favorite. A small figure is made with a pipe cleaner and wrapped with little strips of gauze. I love this time of year!

Keep scrolling for my collection of projects, the free download box template is included at the end.

Fall Tree with Leaf

Hanukkah and Christmas with Pom Poms

Decorated with Miniature Pom Poms

Matchbox Beach Scene

Tiny shells found at Michael’s store

Matchbox Bed with Pom Pom Person

Preview of Matchbox template share below

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