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Easy How to Draw a Squirrel Monkey Tutorial and Squirrel Monkey Coloring Page

Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to draw a Squirrel Monkey and a Squirrel Monkey Coloring Page. This adorable animal lives in tropical forests.

Squirrel monkeys live in rainforests, which are getting smaller by the day. Drawing one is a good way to share an awareness of these amazing and adorable creatures.

This tutorial is designed for young artists to try out as the shapes are all rather large and rather simple. Squirrel monkeys do have some detailed coloring going on, with several shades of brown all around their bodies. Drawing them one step at a time though, will always make it easier to see and do.

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Squirrel Monkey Coloring Page

Materials to draw a Squirrel Monkey

Step by Step Directions for a Squirrel Monkey Drawing

Time needed: 1 hour.


  1. Draw two circle eyes for the outer eyes.

  2. Draw circles inside for the pupils and spots.

  3. Add a mouth ring with nose inside.

  4. Draw the face shape around the eyes and mouth.

  5. Add the head and neck fur.

  6. Draw a body below the neck fur.

  7. Add smooth ear lines. Draw fuzzy lines around them.

  8. Erase the smooth ear lines. Draw the forest in the back.

  9. Trace with a marker and color as shown.

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