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How to Draw a Townhouse

Learn how to draw a townhouse with this easy step by step tutorial. It’s fun to make it old-fashioned and wintery during this time of year.

How to Draw a Townhouse
How to Draw a Townhouse

Houses come in all shapes and sizes, but this time of year it’s fun to draw them with an old-fashioned look in a wintery setting.

This cozy townhome looks like it could pop right out of a storybook. With a tall and narrow profile, and stone and brick details, it’s easy to imagine all kinds of interesting things going on inside, old-fashioned homes just kind of do that.

If your students have learned how to draw the front view of houses really well, this this might be a good project for them. This one includes the simple view of a side, without any attempt to deal with perspective just yet. That can come later on.



Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw a Townhouse

  1. Draw a wavy snow line.

  2. Draw the base of the house.

  3. Add the roof on top.

  4. Draw the front door and steps.

  5. Add floor line and windows.

  6. Draw more windows, chimney.

  7. Erase line, add curves to roof.

  8. Draw bricks and snow on roof.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

How to Draw a Townhouse

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