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Draw a Cruise Ship

Learn how to draw a cruise ship, and then turn it into a lovely painting. The bottom ocean gets an extra coat of blue so that it stands out from the sky.

how to draw a cruise ship
how to draw a cruise ship

If you like the pretty texture and color of this sample, it’s what you get when you use real watercolor paper with liquid watercolor paint. It may not be practical for everyday use, but certainly pays off when you have a special occasion or holiday to celebrate.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Cruise Ship

  1. Make guidelines. Draw the water line.

  2. Draw the main ship above the water.

  3. Add two more sections and large pipes

  4. Add windows and details.

  5. Finish smoke and birds.

  6. Trace with a marker. Paint with watercolor. Add another layer of blue for the water.

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