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Easy How to Draw a Cruise Ship Tutorial

Learn how to draw a Cruise Ship that is taking off to sea. The simple shapes make it a good beginner drawing project.

How to Draw a Cruise Ship
Drawing of a Cruise Ship

For students that are learning about transportation, or perhaps want to dream up an exotic vacation getaway to Timbuktu, drawing a giant cruise ship might be just the ticket. This one is full of large and simple shapes and could even include a little lesson about perspective. After all, seagulls that are closer will always look larger than those that are far away. It’s what perspective is based on, and teaches students to pay attention to the size and scale of things in their drawing too.

Preview of Cruise Ship Tutorial

How to Draw a Cruise Ship

How to Draw a Cruise Ship Step by Step Materials

How to Draw a Cruise Ship Directions

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Cruise Ship

  1. Draw a water line.

  2. Add the main ship shape above it.

  3. Add a deck on top.

  4. Add another deck on top.

  5. Draw two smoke stacks.

  6. Add smoke coming out of each.

  7. Draw windows and preserver shape.

  8. Add birds flying around the sky.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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