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Easy Pagoda Painting

Color this easy pagoda drawing with water based markers, brush with water, and you have a lovely “watercolor” painting.

easy pagoda drawing
easy pagoda drawing
Pagodas are sacred buildings, typically made of many tiers, and found in India and East Asia.
Their simple shapes offer good symmetrical drawing practice, and share a very different silhouette than most of our western houses.


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  1. PREP: Cut 9″ x 12″ paper in half to make 6″ x 9″ sheets for students.
  2. Draw the pagoda as shown in the tutorial.
  3. Trace it with a blue water base marker.
  4. Fill in the background with the blue marker.
  5. Brush over the lines lightly with a wet brush. Try to keep the strokes to a minimum so the color doesn’t wash away.
  6. Wet the background lightly with the brush too.

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