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Easy Pagoda Painting

Color this easy pagoda drawing with water based markers, brush with water, and you have a lovely “watercolor” painting without ever spilling a drop of paint.

Pagodas are sacred buildings, typically made of many tiers, and found in India and East Asia. Their simple shapes offer good symmetrical drawing practice, and share a very different silhouette than most of our western houses.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

Easy Pagoda Painting

  1. Make guidelines. Draw a rectangle.

  2. Draw one floor with roof above it.

  3. Draw another floor that is not as wide.

  4. Draw another floor on top is smaller still.

  5. Add curved lines to all roof shapes.

  6. Add vertical lines for posts on each floor.

  7. Add horizon line, grass and clouds.

  8. Trace and color with a blue water based marker.

  9. Lightly brush with wet brush, with just one swipe.

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