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Draw a Race Car

Learn how to draw a race car, step by step. Its triangular shape and large wheels make it much different than your average car.

how to draw a race car

You can capture the attention of very young artists with something most are familiar with — race cars. And if you keep them and in profile, like this one, it can help them create a successful drawing too.

My sample was created in a painting class by Ryan, a kindergartener, but you could also just use crayons or markers too. In fact, those might let you design more of the car, with racing stripes, etc.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to draw a Race Car

  1. Make guidelines. Draw the ground.

  2. Add two tires and hubcaps inside.

  3. Draw the bottom of the car.

  4. Add the back and front as shown.

  5. Draw the window in the car.

  6. Draw a person inside the car.

  7. Add the car details and number as shown.

  8. Draw a cloud and sun.

  9. Trace with a marker and paint or color.

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