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Draw an Easy Hot Air Balloon

Learn how to draw an easy hot air balloon with this step by step tutorial. It shows students how to get those curved lines in the right places.

draw an easy hot air balloon
Easy Hot Air Balloon drawing
draw an easy hot air balloon
Preview of step by step East Hot Air Balloon tutorial

Hot air balloon drawing projects show with just a few moves, how to make a flat circle take on the look of a round ball. The vertical lines that go from the top to the bottom do the trick, and when curved and spread out, make the flat circle SHAPE suddenly looks like it has FORM. Bright colors in those stripes will enhance the look even more.

Anyone who has seen photos of hot air balloon festivals know that they are made with many, many different designs on them, so students should feel free to custom design their own. I just recommend that they start with the stripes shown here to first get their 3D look in place, and then take off from there. (Pun intended.)

Easy Hot Air Balloon Coloring Page



Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Hot Air Balloon

  1. Draw (or trace) a large circle.

  2. Add the balloon opening at the bottom.

  3. Attach a basket.

  4. Draw a curved vertical stripe.

  5. Draw another stripe on either side.

  6. Add two curved horizontal lines.

  7. Add decorative scallops.

  8. Finish the basket and add a sky.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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