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Beginner Hand Lettering: Trick or Treat!

An easy beginner hand lettering project with a fun Halloween Trick or Treat message. Make your own colorful sign or card.

beginner hand lettering
beginner hand lettering

Sometimes you just need a pretty sign or card for something, whether you’re a student or a teacher (or a parent!) and you might wish for the ability to do something more that just plain old stick letters.

Here’s a fun beginner hand lettering project that requires no fancy skills, just the ability to make spaced out stick letters, trace them, and then add a doodle or two.

It includes my favorite way trick to center a word or words on a piece of paper. Rather than guessing where to start the leftmost letter, place the center one first, and then add what goes on either side. Keep in mind that some letters are wider than others, so adjustments to that rule may need to be considered. But for most purposes, it works just fine and is a good tip for students to be aware of when making posters, book reports, or anything that benefits from a having a pretty title.



Time needed: 30 minutes.

Learn how to Draw Trick or Treat Lettering

  1. To center lettering, start with a middle “i”.

  2. Fill in with T, R, and C, K. Space them out.

  3. Do the same for writing TREAT.

  4. Outline the word TRICK.

  5. Outline the word TREAT.

  6. Draw a piece of candy.

  7. Write the word “or” inside.

  8. Fill in with decorations around the oustide.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

beginner hand lettering

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