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How to Draw Stacked Pumpkins

Learn how to draw stacked pumpkins and make them look like a snowman. A hat and branches complete the look.

how to draw Stacked Pumpkins
how to draw Stacked Pumpkins

Add a little twist to your Halloween pumpkin drawing by taking advantage of their round shape — and stacking them into a snowman. Or pumpkin woman. Or whatever your student’s imagination can come up with.

It only takes a few little touches to make those pumpkins look a little more real. A couple of curves along the bottom, and wrinkle lines that extend up, will add some extra dimension.

Lastly, when drawing those branch arms, be sure to make them very thin curvy and thin. That’s what makes them look like branches, instead of just wooden sticks.



Time needed: 40 minutes.

How to Draw Stacked Pumpkins

  1. Draw a large curved U shape.

  2. Add a medium U shape on top.

  3. Add a small U shape on top.

  4. Draw a curved brim.

  5. Add a pointy hat top.

  6. Draw a face and pumpkin lines.

  7. Add branch arms and pumpkins.

  8. Fill sky with clouds and bats.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

how to draw Stacked Pumpkins

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