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How to Draw a Spider Web

Learn how to draw a spider web with some easy step by step directions, then try them out with lots of different markers. 

how to draw a spider web
Spider webs drawn on black cardstock paper with white paint markers
How to draw a spider web diagram

Most folks would probably agree that spider webs are pretty simple to draw, but have you ever wondered why some look so much more real than others?

Well, it’s obvious that they follow a pattern, but I think the difference is when someone tries to draw them too well. As in, all perfectly straight lines with perfectly even spaces in between them. They just tend to look TOO geometric, and have none of the “real life” quality to them.

The two best tips to follow to avoid this? Draw the rings with an oh so slight drape, and add just a bit more space between the rings as they go away from the center. That’s it.

Once you have that down, I recommend experimenting with all the cool markers around these days that work well on black paper. Your students just might not be able to stop drawing lots of spider webs!



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to draw a Spider web

  1. Choose center spot and draw about 9 lines out.

  2. Start drawing circles that drape from line to line.

  3. Add more rings, spacing each out a bit more.

  4. Add a big fat spider somewhere!

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