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Draw Spider Webs

It’s more fun to learn how to draw a spider web when you have really fun paint markers. Metallic ones would work fine though too.

how to draw a spider web
These fun drawings were made for an art trading card class, which is when you make art on a small piece of paper the size of a trading card. The idea though could be used on any large paper though too. Use it as the beginning of a new drawing, or the finishing touch to one you already started.

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  1. Cut black paper to 2.5″ x 3.5″ standard ATC size. Draw about 8 straight lines radiating out from a center point on a card. I used a white Pen Touch permanent paint marker.
  2. Draw concentric rings around the center point. Try to make them dip a bit from point to point for a realistic look. My top left card was drawn with just straight lines, and I decided that I liked the curved lines much better. Repeat for nine cards. Add spiders if you wish.
  3. Place all the cards in a Trading Card sleeve and collect in a notebook.

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