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How to Draw a Spider

Learn how to draw a Spider sitting on a delicate spider web. A black silhouette makes it really easy to color.

how to draw a spider
how to draw a spider

Sure, most people can draw something quick that kinda looks like a spider, but why not stop, add some details, and draw one that looks much more realistic.

Students can first draw a simple web, and then add the spider body parts on top. The coloring is easy as a good black marker will make the darkest and clearest black lines, and then a crayon color can go right on top. Just advise students to test their colors first, as some crayons are more transparent than others.

This makes a fun Halloween drawing project, but also, what better way to learn (and remember!) that spiders have eight walking legs, and insects have six? Drawing is kind of amazing in that way.



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Spider

  1. Draw about 10 lines in a burst.

  2. Draw a curved ring near center.

  3. Add a larger curved ring.

  4. Add an even larger curved ring.

  5. Draw the oval abdomen,

  6. Add the thorax, and front legs.

  7. Add three more sets of legs.

  8. Fill spider with black marker.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

how to draw a spider web
How to Draw Spider Webs

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