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How to Draw Candy

Turn a lesson on how to draw candy into a study of shapes and dimension, as in tubes, cones and boxes. What better way to capture your student’s attention than by drawing something they are really familiar with?

Now I’m guessing that children might enjoy drawing candy from real life (as in hoping they get to eat it when they are done), but here’s another option.

Use this tutorial to show how to turn flat shapes into forms, without the distraction of having the REAL thing in front of them. The one time you might be better off drawing from a picture.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to draw Candy

  1. Draw the candy using the PDF tutorial.

  2. Trace the drawing with a permanent black marker.

    Erase and old pencil lines.

  3. Color the drawing carefully with colored markers.

  4. Use a gray marker to add shadows.

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