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Elf Drawing Step by Step

Looking for a step-by-step elf drawing tutorial? Here’s a pretty cute guy to draw (which could easily be turned into a girl, by the way.)

This elf drawing tutorial is also good for symmetry drawing practice. With the exception of the hat top, everything that is on the one side needs to be drawn in mirror fashion on the other. The better you get at doing this, the better your drawings will be!

This tutorial is now updated to show what it looks like when you draw and color the elf with markers, just like what many cartoon animators do. I love how you can add some shadows really easily just by layering the color a bit wherever you want it to look a little darker.


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  1. Draw the U shaped head.

  2. Add two pointy ears.


  3. Draw a hat with a bell.

  4. Draw the neck and collar.

  5. Add the elf shirt and cuffs

  6. Draw hands, legs and slippers.

  7. Add belt and leg stripes.

  8. Add eyes, nose, mouth and hair.

  9. Trace, color and add shadows.


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