Draw the Grinch

Learn how to draw the Grinch and his very mischievous face with my easy step-by-step tutorial. Click HERE to download your own PDF to print.

You can also create a festive classroom by downloading and playing the classic “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” so students can sing while they draw and paint.

For more drawing fun, see my new “How to Draw” ebook sale. It ends Dec. 13th.

draw the Grinch

My recommendation for getting the best results with this tutorial? Use real watercolor paper so the colors stay nice and bright, and if you use liquid watercolor paint, mix up a batch of the “Grinch” greenish yellow color for everyone to share.

• View and download the Grinch Tutorial

• Print of Grinch tutorial
• Watercolor paper
• Sharpie, black, fine tip
• Watercolor paint (I prefer the liquid type)

PREP: Draw or print guidelines on paper.
1. Students follow the tutorial to draw the Grinch’s face.
2. Trace the drawing with a permanent marker.
3. Paint the face green, the eyes yellow, and the rest whatever looks good to you.


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