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Draw the Grinch

Learn how to draw the Grinch and his very mischievous face with my easy step-by-step tutorial.

draw the Grinch

You can learn how to draw the Grinch with my print friendly PDF tutorial, simply by joining my email list. It’s a great way to find out about my new projects and special promotions. Simple fill out the info below, confirm the email, and a PDF tutorial will pop up that you can save and print.

My tip for getting the best results with this tutorial? Use real watercolor paper so the colors stay nice and bright, and if you use liquid watercolor paint, mix up a batch of the “Grinch” greenish yellow color for everyone to share. It’s not easy for young ones to mix the right shade if they have to add use trays with only a grassy green.

Note: Please contact kathy(at)artprojectsforkids.org if you are having any issues with accessing the Grinch tutorial.


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Here’s a similar Grinch tutorial, but with a little more detail for the older artist. The PDF tutorial that you get when you join me email list above, includes this marker version too.

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to draw the Grinch with markers.

  1. Start the pointy face.

  2. Add a brim.

  3. Draw a hat that is folded over.

  4. Draw the mouth and eyebrows.

  5. Add eyes under the brows.

  6. Add brown lines and nose.

  7. Draw the fluffy collar.

  8. Add shoulders and cheek hair.

  9. Trace, color with Stabilo® Power Wallet markers.


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