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How to Draw a Snow Globe

Once you learn how to draw a snow globe, try these tips for coloring a snowy sky and clear looking glass.

Given that a snow globe drawing really needs a nice round shape for the glass, the linked PDF tutorial shown below includes a page with a circle template. It will help students get to filling their globe with lots of fun holiday things, instead of trying to make the world’s most perfect circle. That can be saved for another time!

A tip for making a pretty blue sky and soft colored snow? Don’t trace them in black, just draw them with the sky color, and then add another level to the background to make it a bit darker.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Snow Globe

  1. Trace one side of the template (on pg 2).

  2. Trace the other side.

  3. Connect at the bottom.

  4. Draw 3 lines below.

  5. Connect the sides with curves.

  6. Draw a table line.

  7. Draw the left side of the tree.

  8. Draw the right side of the tree.

  9. Add tree decorations and handle.

  10. Trace, color, draw snow circles.

  11. Fill in with color, leave snow white.

  12. Add another layer of blue to back.

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