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Zentangle Art Snowflakes

Zentangle art is drawing with repetitive patterns. My snowflakes may look complex, but they are made from just adding lots of arrows to my star template.

I tried out some new Stabilo markers for this drawing, and totally love the pointMax set. The tips are nice and firm, so it makes them a pleasure to draw with. The company makes other super fine markers, but I think this size is perfect for trying to draw thin lines that turn info colorful snowflakes.

I know my last week of school is going to be full of interruptions and upside down schedules, so I made this very simple template so my older students could make a pretty card, without a whole lot of instructions. The process here is really just two steps: Trace the dashed lines and make arrows sitting on the gray lines. Then rinse and repeat (you know what I mean!).


  • Zentangle Snowflake PDF template
  • Printer
  • White cardstock paper
  • Stabilo pointMax Markers
  • Premium cardstock paper
  • Glue stick


  1. PREP: Print a Snowflake template on white card stock for each student.
  2. The snowflakes are made of two different kinds of lines – dashed and gray. The first step is to trace all the dashed lines.
  3. To make a pretty end cap on the dashed lines, draw a small circle on each.
  4. Starting in the center and working out, a small arrow or upside down “V” is draw on top of a gray line. This is continued until the last arrow reaches the end.
  5. The process is repeated in each section until the snowflake is complete.
  6. The card may be folded and given as is, or glued to a larger sheet of colored paper to give it a finished look.