When it comes to planning art lessons for your classroom, there’s so much more to it than just picking something.

You need to consider things like …

• Is it time for a seasonal or holiday project?

• Or something realistic?

• Or maybe something with more personal expression?

• Or art history? 

If you’ve been struggling to find age-appropriate art lessons to teach throughout the year that meet your learning objectives and are easy to use, the answer is here!

APFK 2023-2024 Art Curriculum Club

Join the club and get a visual calendar of curated art projects chosen for each school day of the entire year, so you can cross art lesson planning off your list, for good!

Planning ahead was never this easy, thanks to a simple monthly calendars with a collection of recommended projects.

They’ve been chosen to cover a wide range of topics, so you rest assured that you have offered as much variety as possible.

They also range chronologically, from the very simple (for Kinders) to the more complex (5th graders) to help you confidently choose something that’s right for your class.

Here’s how it works. Just login in to a password protected page, look for your day, and click on the image.

A matching tutorial will pop up, along with and any other templates you may need.

If for some reason you’d like another choice, then go back and pick something to the left or right of that daily project.

You’ll see that each month offers quite a few options for each grade level.

Once you have your step-by-step tutorial, you can send it to print … or share it on a screen, depending on your preference.

Either way, students have a step-by-step project that they can all follow independently, and at their own speed.

Many projects have their own video tutorial where I walk through the steps myself, sharing extra tips along the way. If you see a QR code on the tutorial it will take you directly there.

One more feature in the Curriculum Club is easy access to a chart that lists an NAEA standards and the ELEMENTS OF ART for each.

Now, for example, you’ll be able to describe projects using the key words of LINES, SHAPES, VALUE, COLOR can FORM. Increasing your student’s art vocabulary was never so easy!

When you purchase the APFK 2023-2024 Curriculum Club now, you’ll get a password to access the first quarter projects right now. (You’ll receive a link to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters, all included in this price, 30 days before they’re needed.)

Even better, it’s available right now at a special launch price of 30% OFF! Don’t delay, this special promotion ends Monday, May 9th at midnight!