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How to Draw a Bow

Learn how to draw a bow with an easy step by step tutorial. If you add shadows in the right places, it can start to look pretty realistic.

Drawing of a Bow

Knowing how to draw a bow, especially one that has some form to it so it doesn’t look flat, can come in handy for all kinds of reasons.

Have you ever wanted a package to look nice, but couldn’t add a real bow? Then adding a quick one with a marker and crayon can be the perfect substitute. That package that goes in the mail, or school poster or birthday present can have an instant festive look if you just add a pretty drawing of a bow to a plain paper wrapped gift.

Better yet, use some recycled paper and it can even be a great way to be an eco-friendly too. You’ll be cutting down on the single use variety, and creating a gift with a homemade look instead. And that never goes out of style.

Preview of step by step Bow drawing tutorial



Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw a Bow

  1. Draw the center of the bow.

  2. Start the top of the right loop.

  3. Match with same shape on the left.

  4. Draw the bottom of the loop on the right.

  5. Draw the bottom of the loop on the left.

  6. Add the ribbon end on the right.

  7. Add ribbon end on the left and the wrinkles.

  8. Trace and color the shadows with dark crayon.

  9. Finish by filling in with a lighter shade of color.

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