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Easy Unicorn Drawing for all Ages

To support the current craze, here’s an easy unicorn drawing project with step-by-step instructions. Best colors for painting? Rainbow, of course.

unicorn drawing easy

unicorn drawing easy

Of all the tricky animal bodies to draw, I think horse-shaped ones rank near the top. With the bend and curve of the legs, it’s just plain tricky to get them to look right.

The solution? A tutorial that focuses just on the head and mane. All the cute and colorful fun is still there, without any extra frustration.


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  1. Draw guides on paper with a pencil. It will help students draw a head that fills the bottom half of the paper. Draw the head and neck
  2. Add eyelashes.
  3. Draw the muzzle line. Add cheek, mouth and nose.
  4. Draw two ears.
  5. Draw a back mane.
  6. Add inside mane lines.
  7. Start the top mane.
  8. Add inside mane curves.
  9. Draw the outside of the horn. Try to make the same number of bumps on both sides.
  10. Connect the bumps as shown.
  11. Draw hearts around the background with a pencil. (Don’t trace in black.)
  12. Trace the unicorn with a black marker. Fill in with watercolors as you wish.


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