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Easy Unicorn Drawing

Here’s an easy unicorn drawing project with step-by-step instructions. Focus on just the head, you have time to draw an extra fancy mane.

unicorn drawing easy
unicorn drawing easy

Of all the animals to draw, I think horse-like ones rank near the top of the list as far as difficulty is concerned. With all those bends and curves in their head, neck and legs, it’s just plain tricky to get them to look right. Draw them too straight and they look kinda wimpy. Make them too curvy and they appear kind of strange.

And unless students have a real horse in front of them, or a good photo at least, there’s a good chance they will get stuck along the way. Not to worry though, I’m pretty sure that drawing anything horse-like (including unicorns) has vexed many an artist over the years.

The solution? A unicorn tutorial that focuses just on the head and mane. All the cute and colorful fun is still there, without any extra frustration.

For some extra inspiration for how to color your unicorn, scroll down to see more finished samples. Yes, a rainbow painted background is always lovely. But even if you only have access to crayons, that doesn’t mean your unicorn has to be any less colorful.



How to Draw a Unicorn

  1. Start the simple head.

  2. Add a neck and nose line.

  3. Draw the outside edge of the horn.

  4. Add inside diagonal lines.

  5. Draw two ears.

  6. Start the mane as shown.

  7. Add the mane details.

  8. Draw the face and add some hearts in the background.

  9. Trace with a marker and paint or color.

No paint? Try coloring with crayons!

Reader Submissions

Unicorn by Khyati, age 6.5
Unicorn by Samaya B., age 5
Unicorn by Talat Mumtaz

Another Unicorn Project

Easy Unicorn PDF Tutorial (click to download)

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