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Easy Unicorn Drawing

Here’s an easy unicorn drawing project with step-by-step instructions. If you focus on just the head, you have time to draw an extra fancy mane.

Of all the tricky animal bodies to draw, I think horse-shaped ones rank near the top. With the bend and curve of the legs, it’s just plain tricky to get them to look right.

The solution? A unicorn tutorial that focuses just on the head and mane. All the cute and colorful fun is still there, without any extra frustration.


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How to Draw a Unicorn

  1. Start the simple head.

  2. Add a neck and nose line.

  3. Draw the outside edge of the horn.

  4. Add inside diagonal lines.

  5. Draw two ears.

  6. Start the mane as shown.

  7. Add the mane details.

  8. Draw the face and add some hearts in the background.

  9. Trace with a marker and paint or color.

How to Draw an Easy Unicorn

Looking to draw a Unicorn, with his or her prancing legs? Here’s a pretty simple option for you.


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