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Pumpkin Festival Photo Op

"The Scream" muralMy school’s biggest annual fund raiser is our Pumpkin Festival. With Halloween themes galore, I decided to blow up my mural of “The Scream” to create a fun photo op.




  1. I printed my mural templates at 130% on 11″ x 17″ 65 lb. cardstock.
  2. The pages were colored in, trimmed off and taped together from behind. I used clear packing tape to handle the additional size and weight.
  3. To mount, I taped together four 30″ x 40″ sheets of 1/2″ thick foam core. I taped over the seams on both sides with duct tape and reinforced the back by taping down four 3′ wood dowels.
  4. I layed out the finished mural on the front to measure the excess foam core. I marked my cutting lines and trimmed with a box cutter.
  5. With the mural now laying flush to the edges of the foam core, I folded over half of the mural, applied spray adhesive to the mural back and foam core and rolled the mural back into position. I then glued the other half down in same manner.
  6. I used black duct tape to smooth the outer edges while creating a nice, even frame.
  7. I used my box cutter to trim an oval out of the face and added a little more duct tape to smooth over the back edge of the oval.