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How to Draw a House

Learn how to draw a house with an easy step by step tutorial. It has some charming details that are easy to draw.

How to Draw a House
Drawing of a House

One of the first things that kids learn how to draw is a house, and those first ones are really about just putting shapes together to make something new. That’s a time of experimenting and trying to remember all the things they know they sometimes see in houses. Windows, doors and chimneys and more, but usually in a one-dimensional way. 

When students have conquered all those details, and want to try to make their house look more 3D, then this tutorial might be fun for them. The side angles back a bit to give the house some form, and the roof has added dormer windows that are not hard to draw if you have an example to follow.

How to Draw a House



Time needed: 55 minutes.

How to Draw a House

  1. Draw a rectangle.

  2. Add a slanted roof and side of the house.

  3. Draw the dormers and roof line details.

  4. Add an edge to the roof line.

  5. Erase lines and draw windows and chimney.

  6. Draw a center door and two windows.

  7. Add scallop texture lines to the roof.

  8. Finish with the bushes and a sidewalk.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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