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How to Draw a Tree

Learn how to draw a tree with this easy step by step tutorial. If you make branches that split off in many directions and gradually thin out, your tree is bound to look pretty life like.

how to draw a tree
How to draw a Tree

Sketching trees in real life is great, but not always practical for a multitude of reasons. Why not teach students how to recognize some of the patterns that trees follow instead, so they can draw a one that looks realistic, no matter where they happen to be, indoors or out.

This tutorial focuses on drawing a balanced set of branches, and then adds leaves behind. It’s a bit more work, but teaches so much more than just a bunch of leaves on top of a trunk.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw a Tree

  1. Draw one side of the tree.

  2. Draw the other side.

  3. Draw the ends, and add a branch.

  4. Add two more branches.

  5. Draw more branches below.

  6. Add smaller branch tips.

  7. Draw outline of tree leaves.

  8. Add leaf details and ground line.

  9. Trace with black marker and color.

How to Draw a “Y” Tree

• Multimedia paper
• Oil Pastels

1. Students draw a large “Y” on their paper.
2. They add smaller “Y”  on each side, alternating as they go up each branch. To make the “Y”  the most realistic, they should be directed upward towards the sky.
3. When the lines are complete, they need to be thickened. The fattest part of the tree should be at the bottom trunk, and all the lines should gradually get thinner until they end in points at the top.
4. Lots of fall colors may be colored around the branches.
5. The background may be added, with grass and shadow and sun and clouds.

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