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How to Draw Baby Yoda

Add some pop culture to your art lessons, and learn how to draw Baby Yoda from Disney’s new Mandalorian show. An easy tutorial will show you how to draw all his cute features.

How to Draw Baby Yoda
A finished Baby Yoda Drawing, colored with markers
Time lapse drawing of Baby Yoda

This little guy has been dubbed Baby Yoda, and is the apparent star of the new Disney Mandalorian series. He’s suddenly everywhere, so an easy drawing tutorial to help elementary age students learn how to draw him seemed like a good idea. And if pop culture is what it takes to help connect more students to drawing, then so be it. (No copyright infringement is intended.)

Note: Because Yoda’s cuteness is all about his eyes, I shared a tip in my tutorial. If you lightly plan the eyes by starting with dots for the corners, before you connect them, then you have a much better chance of drawing them the same size. It’s frustrating if you draw two beautiful eyes, and afterwards realize that one is a bit larger than the other.

Preview of the Baby Yoda step by step tutorial
Baby Yoda Coloring Page


  • Draw Baby Yoda PDF Tutorial (see above)
  • Black Sharpie marker, fine tip
  • Stabilo Markers


Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw Baby Yoda

  1. Draw a curved head shape.

  2. Draw two symmetrical ears.

  3. Add ear lines. Plan the eyes with four dots.

  4. Connect the dots and draw the eyes.

  5. Add circles for highlights and eye lines.

  6. Finish the face with a mouth, nose and brows.

  7. Draw a large collar and robe below the head.

  8. Add two arms and a horizon line.

  9. Trace with a black marker and fill in with colors.

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  1. Joan

    Thanks so much! As a first-year teacher, I felt overwhelmed, trying to set up lessons for K-5. You are fantastic for sharing these, wishing you the best!

  2. Kathleen Barbro

    Thanks Sofia, glad to hear he’s pretty well known with elementary students too, I wasn’t so sure about that. All I know is that my 23 year old son loves him!

  3. sofiapinelli1

    This is so great and adorable! I LOVE baby Yoda – or who ever it will be. This is a fantastic tutorial ! I am going to bring this to winter camp for those kids who want extra. Thank you!!!

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