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Draw the Cat in the Hat

Don’t just reach for a coloring page, learn how to draw the Cat in the Hat yourself! This step by step tutorial will help.

This guy is more like a cross between a person and a cat, which is probably part of his appeal. That’s nice, but it means you have to totally forget about how you usually draw a cat when try to draw one like Dr. Seuss created.

This tutorial is meant to keep his look as familiar as possible, without being too frustrating for elementary students. And just in case you need this to work with really young ones, there’s a coloring page included in the download too. (You never know when it might help avoid a meltdown on a bad day. )


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw the Cat in the Hat

  1. Make guidelines. Draw a center oval.

  2. Add the mouth to one side.

  3. Add eyes, nose and hat rim.

  4. Draw the top hat and stripes.

  5. Add ear, brows, and whiskers.

  6. Draw the neck and shoulders.

  7. Add neck curves and a bow.

  8. Erase the extra lines shown.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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