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How to Make a Comic Book and Tutorial Video

Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial and video for how to make a Comic Book. It gets a lot easier for students to do their best when they have a little advice and structure to follow.

How to Make a Comic Book, made with the help of an easy tutorial and guide.

It’s easy to see why classroom teachers might want their students to learn how to make a Comic Book. The mere process of putting one together encourages them to think carefully about a storyline. It also will mostly likely stretch their drawing skills at the same time. Some simple typography lessons are even possible, if students think about how to express emotions with the size and look of their letters. That’s a whole lot of learning for one classroom project!

If you’d like to learn more about how I made my sample comic book, “The Time I Lost a Dog”, here are your two choices. You can view my scanned pages below to see how I started with a story plan. I then broke it into steps, and then proceeded to draw all the panels that I needed. If you are just looking for ideas, it might be all you need to get started.

If you’d like some print-friendly help though, I’ve collected all my guides and templates in my “Make Your Own Comic Book” ebook available in my PDF Shop. It not only includes all the blank templates that you see in my video, it has my entire 6-page sample “The Time I Lost a Dog” available as a download too. Between the video above with some verbal advice, and the sample that you can print and hand to students, you will mostly likely have all your bases covered. And as a teacher, that’s a good feeling to have!

Use the button below to learn how to purchase this guide in my PDF Shop

How to Make a Comic Book guide, available for purchase.

Planning my sample Comic Book

Plan your story
Plan your panels
Draw your characters
Draw your panels
Add variety with your expressions, and the size of your letters
Design your cover

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