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Easy How to Draw a Red Panda Tutorial and Red Panda Coloring Page

To learn how to draw a Red Panda, try this easy step by step tutorial. Don’t get thrown by the Panda name, they actually look more like (and are the size of) a cat.

Red Panda Drawing

The Red Panda is a mammal that lives in trees in China and the Himalayas. For tech nerds, it is also known as the “Firefox” and is the logo of the web browser Mozilla Firefox. 

Chinese red pandas are found north of the river in northern Myanmar, southeastern Tibet, and two southwestern provinces in China, while Himalayan red pandas are found south of the river in Nepal, India, Bhutan, and southern Tibet.

Red Pandas are endangered and efforts are needed to help to save them. One of the best way to save endangered animals is to spread awareness about them and teach our kids why these animals are important and why there is a need to save them from extinction.

This tutorial will show students how to draw a Red Panda and include their unique markings on their face, and the pretty pattern in their tail. That light stripe pattern is easy to do if you just change the coloring pressure with the same crayon. A dark orange crayon will make a very nice matching light orange color if you just color lightly with it.

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Use the Button below to Download a PDF Tutorial

Red Panda Coloring Page

Materials for Red Panda Drawing

Directions for Red Panda Drawing Step by Step

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Red Panda

  1. Make guidelines. Start the head.

  2. Add the chin.

  3. Add eyes, nose and ears.

  4. Draw inside ear and face lines.

  5. Draw the front legs.

  6. Add the side view back leg.

  7. Draw the large, fluffy tail.

  8. Add stripes to tail, and grass horizon line.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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  1. I love this! It’s so cute and easy to draw. (So are pretty much all of her art projects,) I am 12 and this is an amazing artist. : )


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