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Primary Color Wheel Video for Kids: Introduce Basic Color Theory with Ease

A primary color wheel that easily displays primary, secondary, warm and cool colors will help students learn the basics of color theory. There’s also an option for an art journal version.

Primary Color Wheel

A primary color wheel, available as a free PDF.
Page 1 of PDF download
A Primary Color Wheel Coloring Page, available as a free PDF.
Blank Coloring Page
A primary colour wheel, available as a free PDF.
European Version included

More about the Color Wheel

This primary color wheel was created to keep color concepts very basic for early elementary students. It has just one easy-to-read graphic that shows the primary and secondary colors, and where the warm and cool colors are. That’s plenty to focus on when you are just starting to learn about color.

It’s never too early to start adding a very basic color wheel to art lessons for elementary students. Even kindergarteners can absorb the idea that blue, like the ocean, is a cool color and red, like fire, is a warm color. Learning how to group colors together and think about the qualities that each has is part of the artistic growth process.

Searching for a primary color wheel to explain these ideas can lead to lot of complex examples that are all over the internet. Color wheels that include tertiary and analogous colors are designed more for middle, if not high school. They would most likely overwhelm those that are just starting out.

Do you need a quick overview about colors? Primary colors are colors that can’t be mixed from other colors. They are red, yellow, and blue. Secondary colors are colors that result from mixing two primary colors. They are orange, purple and green. Lessons get more complex if you continue learning about color theory. But for really young ones, these are the simple ideas that I focused on over the years.

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Art Journal Primary Color Wheel

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