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Perspective Drawing for Beginners

Perspective drawing for beginners is easier to learn with just one vanishing point. This example of fall trees lining a boardwalk makes for a pretty landscape with lots of space.


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  1. Draw the horizon line. Use a ruler to draw the boardwalk lines.
  2. Use a ruler again to add more lines for the handrails.
  3. Draw vertical lines on the sides.
  4. Draw two large tall trees with skinny wavy branches.
  5. Draw two medium trees. It’s fine if the branches overlap.
  6. Draw two smaller trees, making sure they are the shortest.
  7. Add wavy lines for the trees and distant shrubs. Add board lines.
  8. Trace with permanent black marker. Color random red splotches.
  9. Fill the trees with orange. Make shadows with another layer of marker.

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