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How to Draw a Cube

There is more than one way to learn how to draw a cube. This one involves no erasing, which works great for those just starting out.

How to Draw a Cube
How to Draw a Cube

A cube is a solid three-dimensional figure with 6 square faces. Many students learn how to make one for math or geometry class by cutting out a cross shaped template and folding it together so they can understand how it goes together.

Drawing is also good practice for seeing how a square can turn into a cube. Some examples you might find on the internet involve drawing the front and then the back, and then connecting the two. That involves a little more dimensional thinking though, so for that reason I like this version of just drawing the front, then the sides, and then connecting the ends. There’s no need to erase anything, and is perhaps a little easier to understand.

How to Draw a Cube
Preview of the step by step Cube drawing tutorial



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Cube

  1. Start by drawing an L shape as shown.

  2. Add a vertical line.

  3. Connect at the top to complete the square.

  4. Draw the first side line.

  5. Add the second side line.

  6. Draw the third side line.

  7. Connect the ends on the right side.

  8. Connect the ends on the top.

  9. Trace with a marker and color. Shading will help your cube look even more 3D.

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