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How to Draw a Doberman

You could show students how to draw an average dog, or you could show them how draw a doberman. All you need is a large nose and dark coloring. And heavy eyebrows. And pointy ears.

draw a doberman

This tutorial will show you how to draw all the familiar features of a doberman, just be sure to follow the coloring closely too. Their famous brown and black hair isn’t just random. The eyebrows need to be dark, along with the strip that goes down their nose and surrounds their mouth.

Follow the sample doberman drawing and everyone will know exactly what kind of dog you are drawing.

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  1. Fold the paper in half two times to get guidelines.
  2. Students draw the doberman according to the steps on the tutorial.
  3. The drawing is traced with a black marker.
  4. The body and background are colored with crayons.
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