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Pipe Cleaner Tarantula

pipe cleaner animals

I’ve tried a lot of pipe cleaner animal ideas, and this Tarantula is my favorite in both looks and ease to make. It’s also makes a pretty cool decoration for this time of year.



  • Aluminum can tabs
  • Pipe cleaners, black and brown
  • Scissors



  1. PREP: Cut pipe cleaners into 4″ lengths.
  2. Students start with one black and one brown pipe cleaner and twist them together to make one that is multi colored leg.
  3. The multi colored leg is inserted into one of the aluminum tabs. It is folded in half and twisted a LOT to make one leg. It needs to be twisted close to the tab until it stays firmly in place.
  4. The step is repeated until there are four legs attached to each hole, or a total of eight legs.
  5. The legs are bent to look like spider legs.
  6. If any of the tab still shows, use extra pipe cleaners to wrap the belly to make it all black or brown.