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How to Draw an Eye

If you want to learn how to draw an eye, drawing a really big one is a good place to start. All the better to see all the details.

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A single large eye that fills the paper can be the beginning of all kinds of fun projects, but don’t let your students get stuck on the very first step (drawing a circle). This project is not about who can draw the best circle, but rather who can challenge their most creative thinking.

My solution for step 1? Use an old CD as a template. They are the perfect size and help place the center pupil circle too. Plus, CDs are not good for landfills as they are made of materials that don’t decompose. That makes them the perfect circle tool for any art room.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to draw an Eye

  1. Place CD and trace outside and inside.

  2. Draw a large eye that crops into the circle a bit (for a relaxed look).

  3. Erase the extra circle lines.

  4. Use the center circle to help draw a larger pupil.

  5. Add a tear duct and top eyelid.

  6. Add a bottom eyelid.

  7. Add eyelashes.

  8. Trace and fill in lashes and center pupil.

  9. Color and complete eye with something you would like to see.

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