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Me & My Goals Back to School Art Project

This is one of my all time favorite back to school art projects. Students to draw themselves with a focus on the eyes, and list their latest goals for the upcoming school year.

back to school art projects

back to school art projects


There are many more like it in my “Draw Self Portraits” ebook in my PDF Shop. It’s a collection designed to show show students just how varied the world of self portraits can be.

You can find themes for: Paul Klee, Cubism, Statue of Liberty, Big Abstract Face, Hundertwasser, Doodling, Lego, Sunglasses, Modigliani, My Goals, Chuck Close, Half Portrait, Minecraft, Wanted Poster and Lichtenstein. Just click on the binder or title to learn more.


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  1. Print My Goals template (page 2 of download) on letter-sized drawing paper.
  2. Print a tutorial for students to follow.
  3. Students draw themselves following the diagram.
  4. They trace their drawing with a black marker.
  5. The drawing is colored in with markers or crayons. I like the Stabilo Power brand for their many skin color options.

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