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Me and My Goals Back to School Art Project

One of my favorite back to school art projects. Students to draw themselves with a focus on the eyes, and list their latest goals at the same time.

back to school art projects


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DIRECTIONS for 2019 version:

  1. Print My Goals template (page 2 of download) on letter-sized drawing paper.
  2. Print a tutorial for students to follow.
  3. Students draw themselves following the diagram.
  4. They trace their drawing with a black marker.
  5. The drawing is colored in with markers or crayons. I like the Stabilo Power brand for their many skin color options.


DIRECTIONS for 2012-2013 version:

back to school art projects

1. Students start by drawing the eyes in pencil, just above the paper. Follow the rule that two eyes should always be one eye-width apart.
2. Draw the top of the head, almost touching the top of the paper.
3. Draw the rest of the face and fingers on the side. Student’s names go at the top and they are to finish the sentence “My goals for the 2012-2013 school year are…”. All lines are traced with a thin marker. The art is colored in with pencil crayons.
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by Carie on Art Projects for Kids
Self portrait

This is a great idea for students to start thinking about their learning goals. Thanks for sharing!

by Eileen on Art Projects for Kids
Thank you for this adorable project link!

Thank you so much for this great project! I cant wait to try this with my kids! You are a gem!

Thank you! I'm so glad you like it.

by Eileen on Art Projects for Kids
Very clever portrait idea!

I absolutely love this portrait project! I would love to try it with my kids. I was not able to access it, as it does not seem to be downloadable. Perhaps it needs a different link? Thanks for all that you do!

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