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My Goals Self Portrait

Here is an all time favorite back to school art projects. Students to draw themselves with a focus on the eyes, and list their latest goals for the upcoming school year.

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This self portrait project really does double duty as it offers a mix of drawing and writing practice, and can help students start to think of long term goals too. It’s never too early to think about what is important to them, and write it down, even if only in a basic list.

As an art project, this lesson focuses just on the top of the student’s face, and offers a little extra advice for how to draw symmetrical eyes. They tend to be what kids struggle with the most anyway, so it’s time well spent.

Please note that my PDF download does include a template with school paper lines on it to print, if you wish. Glueing actual lined paper onto drawing paper is an option too, I just opted to make a template when I was working with hundreds of students. It gave students more time to just draw, and eliminated the need for scissors and glue too.


  • My Goals Self Portrait PDF Tutorial and Template (see above)
  • Drawing paper cut to 8.5″ x 11″ to fit in printer
  • Markers, I used the Stabilo brand
  • Black Sharpie, fine tip


Time needed: 1 hour.

My Goals Self Portrait

  1. Print the template. Start the head.

  2. Plan the eyes first with four dots.

  3. Connect the dots to draw the eyes.

  4. Add the inside eye circles.

  5. Finish with eyelashes and lids.

  6. Draw tops of ears. Draw your own hairline.

  7. Add eyebrows and add volume to your hair.

  8. Draw fingers right over the paper.

  9. Write goals, trace and color.

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