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Self Portrait with Sunglasses

This is one of my favorite self portrait ideas for elementary students, which forces students to work larger than they normally would.

self portrait ideas for elementary students
self portrait ideas for elementary students

After sketching themselves around a pre-printed set of glasses, students can fill with images that they saw on a school trip or even just a long weekend. There are lots and lots of possibilities.


There are fifteen more like it in my “Self Portrait Art Projects” ebook in my PDF Shop. It’s designed to show students just how varied the world of self portraits can be, from abstract to pop to even a Minecraft theme. All come with full tutorials, finished samples, and any templates needed. Just click on the binder or title to learn more.


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  1. PREP: Print a dashed line glass template for each student. If using 9” x 12” paper, increase size 110%.
  2. Trace the glasses and then draw your face according to the tutorial.
  3. Trace the drawing with a marker.
  4. Color the drawing with crayons or markers.

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