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How to Draw Plants

Learning how to draw plants that include their root system, could be boring and dry … or bright and colorful and create a keepsake work of art.

How to Draw Plants
How to Draw Plants

You can integrate more art with your plant studies with this watercolor project. And if you use a few aids to get started, you’ll find that students as young as kinders can turn this into lovely resist lesson, which happens when the white crayon resists the brown watercolor paint.

Please be advised though, that it’s best for you to test your crayon and paint combo first before you hand it out to a roomful of students. For some reason, certain brands of watercolor will actually just sit on top of the crayon, and not leave a nice white line. The brand I’ve linked to below always works for me, but I just wanted to give that alert. It’s rather disappointing to get to the final paint stage and not have that work. Especially if you are only 6 years old.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw Plants

  1. Trace a terrarium template onto watercolor paper.

  2. Draw the lid, ground and a center flower.

  3. Add two more flowers, one on either side.

  4. Trace the jar and flowers with crayon. Fill in the flowers.

  5. FIRMLY draw white roots below each flower.

  6. Paint the dirt brown.

  7. Paint the air blue, and the lid any color.

  8. Paint the background any color you choose.

How to Draw Plants

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