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Easy How to Draw Clouds Tutorial and Clouds Coloring Page

Learn how to draw clouds with a little added variety. In real life, no two are alike, so why always draw them the same old way?

Clouds Drawing

As a quick review, a cloud is water vapor in the sky that has condensed into very small water droplets that appear in visible shapes above the ground. When water evaporates and turns into an invisible gas, it rises up into the sky. When it gets high enough to where the air is colder, the water condenses and changes from a gas to drops of water or crystals of ice. We see these drops of water as clouds. The drops fall back down to earth as rain, and then the water evaporates again. This is called the “water cycle”.

When it comes to drawing clouds, most students begin with a very simple puffy shape, which is fine. At some point though, they may see that their clouds are all looking the same, and a quick glance at nature will tell them that’s not what happens in real life. Aside from the fact that close ones are large, and faraway ones are small, clouds come in all kinds of shapes. Tall and fat, wide and irregular, the sky is the limit (Ha! pun intended!) when it comes to seeing and drawing them all just a little bit differently.

For those that are ready to make their clouds look extra realistic, an example of how to add a shadow is also included. And as I have mentioned before, that super light gray crayon that Crayola makes is the perfect color to shade them. It’s just dark enough to show up and make the rest of the cloud look extra white and puffy.

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Clouds Coloring Page

Materials for Clouds Drawing

Directions to Draw Clouds Step by Step

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw Clouds

  1. Wide cloud with lots of small bumps.

  2. Fat cloud with big bumps and smooth bottom.

  3. Fat cloud with a few bumps all around.

  4. Wider cloud with a few bumps all around.

  5. Tall cloud with a few bumps all around.

  6. Wider cloud with large bump in the middle.

  7. Wider cloud with lots small bumps all around.

  8. Wider cloud with one taller side.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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