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How To Draw King Tut

Learn how to draw King Tut, the “Boy King of Ancient Egypt”. He’s a study in drawing classically shaped features.

This tutorial is great for a history lesson, but King Tut is also just plain fun image to paint. The gold tempera is pretty inexpensive and adds a little bling that students all seem to love.

This is also a great project for practicing symmetrical drawing. To make those color stripes on the headwear work, the same number of stripes need to line up from the left to the right. A little extra care needs to be taken when drawing them.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw King Tut

  1. Make guidelines. Draw the head.

  2. Begin the headdress.

  3. Draw symmetrical bottom curves.

  4. Finish with straight lines. Draw the features.

  5. Add ears and lines on the top headdress.

  6. Add matching horizontal lines.

  7. Draw beard and fill with Xs.

  8. Draw the collar to finish.

  9. Trace with black marker and color.

King Tut painted with metallic tempera paint.

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