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Easy How to Draw a Beagle Tutorial and Beagle Coloring Page

Learn how to draw a Beagle with this easy step-by-step tutorial. It helps to see where to draw all his Beagle-looking colors.

Beagle Drawing

Use Button below to Download a PDF Tutorial

A step by step tutorial for how to draw an easy Beagle, also available as a free download.

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Beagle Coloring Page

Materials for Beagle Drawing

Step by Step Directions for Beagle Drawing

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Beagle

  1. Draw a circle.

  2. Add the body shape below.

  3. Draw a nose and mouth. Erase gray lines.

  4. Add eye and ear.

  5. Draw a front and back leg.

  6. Add two more legs. Erase gray lines.

  7. Add a tail. Draw fur lines.

  8. Draw a background and sky.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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