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Father’s Day DAD Card

Here’s a little help for a DIY Father’s Day card. Print, tape and color or paint for a Z fold card that can even stand up when complete. A pretty card and gift in one!

DIY Father’s Day card
DIY Father’s Day Card
DIY Father’s Day card
Preview of the DIY Father’s Day card PDF Template

This project was a teacher favorite back in my classroom days. Making a large Z-fold card that everyone could decorate in their own way, was simple and always produced lots of amazingly original works of art. Over time, I came up with many versions of how to prep for it, depending on the age of the students, and the amount of time I could devote, and the type of paper I had on hand.

If I had large white construction paper I would cut it into thirds the long way, fold the paper into a Z fold, and trace the letters with a chip board template. It was quick and I could do it all without needing any kind of printer, perfect for kinders as they needed something ready to go.

If I didn’t have that long paper, I would print out my own individual letters on letter size card stock, trim them to size, and then slap a quick piece of tape on the back. The only catch was that piece of tape would sometimes leave and edge when colored over. It could be I was the only one who noticed that, but still…

These days, if teachers have limited supplies, I would recommend that they print or copy my template onto 8.5″ x 11″ card stock paper, trim it to size, and have students color/paint each panel by itself. Taping them together could be last the last step.


  • D-A-D PDF template
  • White card stock paper
  • Dark marker or crayon for tracing
  • Paints, oil pastels or crayons for coloring


Time needed: 1 hour.

Make a DIY Father’s Day Card

  1. Print letters on separate sheets of card stock paper.

  2. Trim and tape together on the back.

  3. Color or paint the letters.

  4. Option B: Trim, color and paint first and then connect pages from the back.
    This will eliminate any tape edges from showing, if coloring.